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Temp Market continues to save businesses time and money matching them with skilled and on demand temps that fit their needs. We’re proud to have helped organisations across the country connect with temporary and contract workers when they need it. Here’s what they have to say:

“To have them start the next day was a real treat”

Treescape came to Temp Market after feeling constant pressure from never ending administration work. ‘I just wanted to find someone who could do basic data entry, answering phones and admin tasks. That is when she discovered Temp Market. ‘I don’t have hours to spend looking for someone through an agency or job board, so being able to do this quickly, and then have them even start the next day was a real treat.’

- Lorraine, Group Systems Manager

“We needed to increase our software development team urgently”

Acronym needed to increase our software development team urgently to meet project demands, we had received some information from Temp Market a couple of months earlier so we decided to get in touch and re visit their solution. The onboarding process was simple which quickly enabled us to create an online assignment and start searching for candidates that met our requirements. The online candidate information provided was excellent and made it really easy to shortlist prospects within our experience and budget requirements. The fees charged are very reasonable which made it really easy to make the decision to bring on a contractor.
At the end of our 6 week contract we were so happy with the outcomes we decided to employ our contractor full time, the process to undertake this change with Temp Market again was really easy and the fees charged again made this a good business decision. We will definitely be using Temp Market again.

- Dave Allum, Director, Acronym Limited

“I really felt like I was getting value out of the Temp Market system”

Big Splash had been recruiting for a permanent part time Accounts Payable Officer for several weeks but was not finding the right person. With work piling up, Dianne turned to Temp Market to provide some relief. Dianne was reluctant to go through a recruitment agency believing it would be costly, and past experience told her that if a temp turned up, they may not be guaranteed that they could even do the job.
‘I input exactly what I needed for the role . I really felt like I was getting value out of the Temp Market system by having all the information including their skills and how much I was paying up front.’

- Dianne, Operations Manager

“Temp Market’s affordability meant we could take someone on”

Blue Fitness had a big tender coming up and needed another pair of hands in the office. They knew that if they didn’t take someone on it would be a drain on existing staff and further increase their work loads. ‘Temp Market’s affordability meant we could take someone on for a week long project when we normally couldn’t spare the time or money going through a recruitment agency.’

- Brett, Sales Director

“The temp met our expectations perfectly”

With Simon’s help, Canam found their ideal temp quickly and painlessly. ‘The temp met our expectations perfectly. We had excellent service from Temp Market, wouldn’t use anything else’

- Ashika, HR Manager

Temp Market are very helpful and provide temps on-time and on-budget to meet our business needs.

- Big Black Sacks New Zealand Ltd
What our Temps say about Temp Market
Temp Market allows our temps to find the work they want, when they are available. We give our temps the flexibility to match with assignments that meet their location, desired wage, skills and experience.
‘No more wondering if a recruitment agency is or isn't putting me forward for positions. I found it easy to set-up a profile and the advice and information on the site for doing this was great’
- Tanya
‘I love the transparency, with Temp Market all temps profiles are viewed by the companies so we all have an opportunity to get a job.’
- Ahmet
‘It is an easy and fast way to get a temp job and gain more experience. I got a temp job really fast and worked for 6 months’
- Marlieke
‘They are very professional, efficient and always on top of their game. When I completed my profile, the very following week I was assigned to a job. Even though it was only a few days but that was where I was able to get a rating. Simon has just been awesome. Simon, I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, efficiency, professional and awesome communication skills. Without your hard work I would not be in the this permanent position.’
- Ruve
‘Temp Market was absolutely amazing. It is a very easy and effective platform to use and worked a lot better than working through recruiters. Simon was extremely helpful in the process of finding me a job and supported me throughout the whole way through. I would highly recommend it to anyone that needs help finding a job. I am so happy I stumbled upon this website!’
- Francesca
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