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When the pressure is on and the customers never seem to stop, you need your team operating at full capacity. There’s no time to be understaffed in this busy world of retail; and certainly no time to sift through a pile of CVs that don’t match your needs. At TempMarket, we look beyond the piece of paper. We’ll put them through their retail paces; testing individuals for how they respond under pressure, cash handling ability and a range of other skills that showcase their abilities.

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Is the customer always right? If retail is your speciality, then your answer would have been an enthusiastic and resounding YES! The good news is finding your next retail position is as easy as filling out an online profile. Want to show off your customer service skills? No problem. Just complete our online skill testing and we’ll match you with potential employers. After showcasing how well you work under pressure, your superior cash handling abilities or whatever amazing retail talent you might possess, you simply pick and choose the shifts that are best suited for you.

Types of positions

  • Retail Sales
  • Promotional staff
  • Merchandisers
  • Pickers and Packers

Showcase your skills in

  • Customer service aptitude
  • Personality Profile
  • Basic numeracy skills
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“Temp Market’s affordability meant we could take someone on”

Blue Fitness had a big tender coming up and needed another pair of hands in the office. They knew that if they didn’t take someone on it would be a drain on existing staff and further increase their work loads. ‘Temp Market’s affordability meant we could take someone on for a week long project when we normally couldn’t spare the time or money going through a recruitment agency.’

- Brett, Sales Director